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About Us

Mobile Circulation Group, LLC, or “MCG” is the premier newspaper kiosk marketing company that contracts with newspaper companies up and down the East Coast. We specialize in retail and special event partnerships with a variety of news media companies including Cox Media, McClatchy Publications, and Gatehouse Media to name a few.  


In-Store Newspaper Demos

MCG has many different marketing programs such as lining up newspaper demos with many of our advertisers in the newspaper. A newspaper demo consists of sending representatives to a retail location to simply pass out free samples of the newspaper and educate shoppers to the value of the product and how it can save them money, as well as the content of the newspaper. Additionally, when a customer signs up for a newspaper subscription, we give the customer a gift card of the store location we are set-up in for the customer to get an instant savings on their first month EZPay subscription.


Event Sales

MCG specializes in events. We have worked with various State Fairs, Home and Garden Shows, Auto Shows, and community festivals throughout the year. We pride ourselves in representing the newspaper proudly and efficiently.


Door to Door Retention Sales

MCG works directly with the newspapers for retention of previous newspaper subscribers. Targeting neighborhoods for door-to-door sales, recently built neighborhoods, and snow bird communities to provide limited-time, discounted newspaper subscriptions to increase subscriber retention and sales.

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